Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – Hoe zeldzaam, super zeldzame, SSR en UR Z-Fighters krijgen

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is de eerste officiële DBZ RPG voor iOS en Android platforms na een lange lijn van vervalsingen en ripoffs de app stores waren binnengevallen. U kunt strijders van alle classificaties hier te komen, maar hoe hoger de zeldzaamheid van een vechter, hoe krachtiger ze zullen zijn en hoe langer dat ze waarschijnlijk zullen blijven hangen in uw actieve partij. Lees verder om erachter te komen hoe zeldzaam, super zeldzaam, super super zeldzame en uiterst zeldzame strijders in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack!

Maak gebruik van de dagvaarding. De dagvaarding zijn uw belangrijkste methode van het verdienen van deze zeldzame karakters. The Dragon Stone roepen verdien je niets anders dan rares en hoger, met super rares verschijnen om zo vaak, en als je een multi roepen koopt, beschikt u altijd over een gegarandeerde SR voor ten minste één van uw kaarten.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle français

Zelfs de vriend punt dagvaarding kan je verdienen zeldzame strijders af en toe, ook. Super rares, hoewel, niet zo veel, maar tenzij u uw hele team gevuld met al-revolutionairen, die niet zo veel uit. U zult meestal krijgt minstens één zeldzaam voor de moeite als je een multi-summon te doen, dus houd rekken tot de vriend punten totdat je genoeg om dit te doen.

Hoe zit het met de SSR en URS hoewel? SSR’s kan worden gedaan via de Dragon Stone dagvaarding, net als de SR, hoewel ze een hel van een stuk moeilijker om langs te komen. Urs, of Ultra Rares, zijn een rang die in het spel, maar geen tekens van deze rang zijn nog toegevoegd. Zodra ze zijn toegevoegd, verwachten dat ze beschikbaar zijn via prijsvragen of via de missies als beloning. Missies zijn al een geweldige manier om SRS en SSR’s te verdienen.


MOBILE GAME – Appearance at Apple or at Jimmy Fallon, information distilled the dropper: Nintendo cleverly organizes its communication around Super Mario Run for three months. The flagship of the Japanese firm will soon tumble on iPhone and iPad, and the brand is doing everything to make it unavoidable. Especially at nearly 10 euros.

We thought Nintendo lacking inspiration, weighted with a WiiU that never found its audience, distanced by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at higher technological potential … No way! The Japanese manufacturer has an eternal know-how when it comes to create expectation around its products.

Three announcements this year, former tenor gaming has restored its image and showed that we should not bury it too quickly. Others believed there and there are broken teeth (Sega cuckoo!). No long waits, no appearance piecemeal. Nintendo, one that draws when things happen to better sell.

And Nintendo is being cleverly invented promoting a mobile game …! It was even hard to believe that such a communication plan is in place for an application that is expected on iPhone and iPad in the first place. To wait for December 15, the game availability date on the App Store, the Japanese firm distils its ads to hold spellbound potential players that will be willing to pay 9.99 euros for the full version of the game (the first levels are free).

Superstar Apple and Jimmy Fallon

How to explain that a game with such uncommon Enough price for a mobile- app creates such an expectation? The notoriety of Super Mario and his first appearance on smartphone are there for many, but not only to explain the billion downloads expected. Nintendo knows how to create the desire for three months …

It all started when Apple keynote September. Before presenting the new iPhone 7 , Tim Cook brought on stage a prestigious guest, Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of Donkey Kong, Zelda and especially Mario Bros. Enough to jump for joy hardcore fans of the plumber and other iconic brand licensing. And when the man moves, it’s rarely for small ads.

Without that no one saw coming, Miyamoto made a splash by unveiling the first mobile game from Nintendo, relying once again for this new adventure with his favorite character and lucky. For although house licensed Pokémon GO, unexpected success this summer, was born in the mind of Niantic studio. Miitomo first mobile game siglé Nintendo, was more like a social network than a gaming experience. But it would take until the end of year to twirl Mario and his friends “with one hand” on his iPhone. A first wick had been lit by Nintendo.

An alert module to be notified of the availability of Super Mario Run on the App Store and the official announcement of the release date in November: Nintendo has taken one by one the announcement of a video game codes leading console for its Super Mario Run before moving up a gear in the final straight. Wednesday evening, and Miyamoto was the guest of the prestigious emission Jimmy Fallon during which he even showed his guitar skills by interpreting the musical theme of the game Super Mario run hack Bros with The Roots. The boss of Nintendo America, Regis Fils-Aime, has him the opportunity to announce that the game would be playable next day in Apple Stores, creating a frenzied wave of social networks and the queue in shops. And like a blockbuster video game, Nintendo has added to all a special trailer for the game’s launch next week.

Two-minute video where we see players of all types and from all over the world run, indulge in parkour (the art of getting around the city by building on all urban elements) with some references to world of Super Mario (parts, the final flag, jumping, etc.). The reliving also the craziest pictures hunting Pokémon this summer …

Super Mario, the Switch, the NES mini: a good year for Nintendo

If the deployment for Super Mario Run is surprising, it is in the line of what Nintendo has in place in 2016. There will finally had a few months between the announcement and the sale of Nintendo mini Classic NES . A successful shot nostalgic for a product that is torn like hotcakes and that the poor unfortunates who have not yet been able to get their hands on in time hope to see under the tree. And it is not won …

It’s the same for the future home console that was a rumor long before being formalized in late October as the Nintendo Switch . It is announced for next March where Xbox tease of last June Project Scorpio, a console expected for summer 2017.

Ultimate Guide for Fifa 17 Defence – Other Tips Included


Guide for FIFA 17 includes everything you need to succeed in the virtual football tournament. There you will find a description of the gameplay modes, basic moves and different ways of playing the action.

An effective defense – the most important concepts

Although it is known that our main goal during the match is to win, it’s an indispensable element to ensure that the ranks of the defensive everything works like a well oiled machine. Effective smashing enemy attacks requires us to first of all create a good line of defense and ripped and the adoption of appropriate tactics in relation to the ball.

  • FIFA 17 puts you in a decisive manner to fight in the middle – as far as possible, try to attack the rival already in the vicinity of the circle center, putting on pressing since the middle of the opposing team.
  • Do not hide from fights shoulder to shoulder and attempts to receive the ball in this sector off – chance that it take over is quite large, and fouls in this area do not threaten serious repercussions.
  • Use the services of defensive midfielders – they constitute a big help in breaking up attacks, and also one exact a perpendicular often opens a clear path to the gate rival.
  • Do not forget about the use of traps ofsajdowych – although it’s a bit risky method, with favorable outcome and a robust defense should try to catch the opposing team’s attackers in an offside position.
  • Try to take care of cooperation formation defenders and midfielders – opponents eager to use the gaps and voids and strengthening the links between these two lines causes the opponents will be harder to break in and around our area.
  • Use the services of the high down the position stopwatch – a sensitive position having often crucial to the success of destructive action. Well-built defender is primarily the ability to quickly rush the aiming cross in the box or simply blocking an opponent’s body.

Basic techniques of defense

Tackle one of the most effective and at the same time radical techniques for receiving balls and effective defense – well-made tackling this way allows quick interruption of offensive action rival and usually gives a chance to return his teammates to their nominal positions, because often it involves a rush the ball out of play. To execute it, press the button responsible for the tackle . Try to perform a clean interventions – poorly executed slide tackle can end up foul awarded by the arbitrator admonition as a yellow or red card. Avoid intervention from behind, entering without mercy at the opponent with straight legs. If the situation is hopeless in defense, and the only possible chance of stopping your opponent is using foul tackle, try to venture to the play, even though the possibility of receiving cards – especially the favorable outcome.

Tackling the easiest way to arrest the enemy – a great way to perform physical advantage in the battle shoulder to shoulder, leg and exposing and stopping the ball allows you to quickly take it over and start blitz kontrującego. To execute it, press the button responsible for the reception .

Spiking ball in the penalty area

How best to get rid of the ball aimed at areas of the penalty area? Of course, dispatch her strong and decisive head beyond the sixteenth. Half of success is in the playing appropriate setting to the ball and cover your opponent, which is aimed at a football – then even if we miss a ball, it is disturbing attacker will make that direct the ball into the net becomes far more difficult, and his shot – much less precise. To a block, press responsible for the head. Try not to strike soccer balls in areas lying in front of the gate – you may end up a quick shot with the first ball, which sometimes can surprise our goalkeeper.  check out on how to get fifa 17 coins free

Advanced techniques of defense

overtaking opponents

Overtaking opponents is a difficult art, requiring us to anticipate possible scenarios playing soccer balls by the opponent. It is worth trying to run up against opponents and take over the ball aimed at his rival especially in the middle – then a possible gap in the defense is easy to complete, and leave the position of the player does not lead to consequences under our gate. It is also an opportunity to launch a quick attack, and surprise the enemy, who can not within a few seconds, re-arrange themselves on the defensive.

Pressing teammate

Often the attack on the enemy alone is not enough – there is always the possibility that a rival will bypass us a spectacular effort or will play ball with staves colleague from the formation. Then use the help of another player, which will cut it off from the possibility of administration and significantly reduces the extent of his ideas to play soccer balls. This tactic should be used especially in the case where the rival is close to one of the corners of the pitch – then receive two football players is far simpler and highly effective. To ask for help from a teammate, press and hold responsible for pressing a colleague .

Blocking a shot in the penalty area

Blocking a shot in the penalty area by means of tackle is playing extremely difficult and involves considerable risk – forgetful attempt reception and wedging the legs of the opponent with machine ends with “eleven”, and the success of the stock warrants only pure intervention. It is extremely important at this point is the timing and the location in front of the ball at the point where the player’s covenant to donate shot – as in the box of the decision regarding the impact of a second to decide, we also need a way to predict what will our opponent.