pokemon go hack for android and ios

Pokemon Go hack android is a free app for iPhone and Android smartphones with which track down the monsters in the surrounding reality. Debut July 15, 2016 , but you can already try changing the country of residence on the App Store or Google Play or the market for ‘ applications for purchase devices bitten apple or those equipped with the operating system of the Mountain View company, or by manually installing the APK file, also available in Italian. at least for now it is not available for the tablet . The app locates users with GPS. If there is a Pokémon, show it on the map and, if framed with the camera on the screen. The game is based on augmented reality: Pokémon does not exist, but they are related to what surrounds you.

The new app on your mobile phone uses augmented reality to a big treasure hunt (even in Italy). The Pokémon Nintendo (from Japanese Poketto Monsut, ie pocket monsters) are colored animals with special powers. They are more than 100 species of Pokémon to catch and collect in your Pokédex, allowing users to level up.

Some trick in view of the official landing in Italy? Visiting Pokéstop and recalling that the reactivation will continue growing faster level. Better to throw the Pokeball when the circle becomes smaller because it means that the Pokémon is most vulnerable. To find the Pokemon go hack android on the map must follow the movements in the grass while a legend at the bottom right shows those not caught. If we have duplication, inviamoli Professor Willow to pocket candy Pokémon to be used to grow the same species. Clicking on the ball in the bottom of the screen you can not draw to itself the little monsters to you with incense. At the fifth level you can gain experience by fighting in gyms .

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How to put on paper by the developers in the official description of the game for the iPhone and Android smartphones, ” explores countries and cities near and far to catch more Pokémon you can. And while you’re out, your smartphone vibrates to let you know when there are Pokémon nearby. And when you meet a Pokémon, take aim on the touchscreen of your smartphone and throws a Poké Ball to capture it. Be careful when trying to catch it because it might run away! Search also Pokéstop scattered in the most famous places, such as works of public art, historic sights and monuments where you can find Poké Ball and other tools . “